Mother Dairy Cream – Just Baked with Mother Dairy

Brand Objective

  • Mother Dairy is one of most premium brand when it comes to dairy products
  • It has a wide range of dairy products from milk, yogurt, fresh cream, ice creams, etc.
  • The objective was to highlight the Mother Dairy Cream brand
  • Fresh cream is used only during occasions or special events
  • It can totally be used for daily cooking as well
  • Mother Dairy Fresh Cream wanted to increase visibility and consumption for a mass crowd
  • They approached Helios Brand Chef to come up with a strategy to position their Fresh Cream ideal for daily consumption

Helios Strategy

  • Fresh Cream is a product that is used specially during festive occasions and for traditional curries and desserts
  • We thought of changing the image of Fresh Cream from a “once in a while” ingredient to a “daily use” ingredient
  • Capturing on the “Show and Tell” strategy, we decided to use food as the medium and show how easily and effectively fresh cream can be incorporated in their daily food routine

Helios Offering

  • We suggested recipe vignettes where we make everyday recipes and make it richer with Mother Dairy Fresh Cream
  • We suggested hand vignettes on Awesome Sauce since the channel enjoys heavy following especially on Facebook
  • The recipes were more “On the go” and modern and matched the viewer’s profile of Awesome Sauce

Show Idea

Just Baked with Mother Dairy

  • We created hand videos on Awesome Sauce, each video showcased an interesting recipe both Indian and International
  • Mother Dairy Fresh Cream was used in all the recipes as a main ingredient
  • The videos were aired on Awesome Sauce
  • Duration: 3-4min