Veeba – Aaj kya khaoge?

Brand Objective

  • Veeba is a brand that has various varieties of mayonnaise, sauces, spreads and dressings
  • Veeba uses fresh and premium quality ingredients that make their products fresh and flavourful
  • The product range offered by Veeba is only used as an accompaniment only which doesn’t ensure active product movement
  • Veeba range of products can not only be used as an accompaniment, but also make a great ingredient
  • Veeba wanted to bring this product feature alive

Helios Strategy

  • Spreads, sauces and dressings used as Dips, Spreads & Dressings is common place knowledge
  • So reiterating their use as only restricting as an accompaniment would have a reminder impact – but it won’t bring out the solution
  • Availability of these products in different flavours would excite the audience – but only to an extent and to a limited audience
  • At Helios Brand Chef we believed that a game changing strategy was needed to make an impact
  • Veeba range of products needed to be REIMAGINED in a way going all out
  • Consumers need to see the Veeba range of products in a new light to be able to take note of the brand!

Helios Offering

  • Our chef panel jammed to craft various creative and innovative ways of indulging in the wide range of Veeba products
  • Of using the sauces, dressings, spreads as a primary ingredient in recipes. Looking beyond only being used as accompaniments
  • We came up with a “Show and See” strategy, where the audience can witness the usage of Veeba products, by various influencers
  • We associated with 5 celebrity chefs, to showcase fresh, new recipes using the wide range of Veeba products. In fact, we devised ways of using these products in Indian recipes (despite its non-Indian perception)
  • The celebrity chef line-up is as follows:
    • Chef Sanjeev Kapoor
    • Chef Amrita Raichand
    • Chef Vicky Ratnani
    • Chef Shipra Khanna
    • Chef Saransh Goila
  • The chef line-up was planned with an aim to bring traditional and modern recipes together, with varied chefs from the food connoisseur Chef Sanjeev Kapoor to modern and young chefs like Chef Shipra Khanna and Chef Saransh Goila
  • The show was visualized to inject the values of
    • Variety
    • Creativity
    • Fun
    • CInnovation / Inventiveness
  • The intention being – rubbing off these values onto the brand Veeba

Show Idea

Veeba – Aaj Kya Khaoge?

  • We created 40 videos with 5 celebrity chefs, each chef bought his experience and expertise to bring out the best recipes possible with the Veeba range of products
  • Each chef created 8 unique and interesting recipes with Veeba range of products being the hero ingredient
  • The videos were aired on popular food channel – Food Food
  • Total: 40 vignettes
  • Duration: 3-4min