Dr. Oetkars – Fun Foods

Brand Objective

  • FunFoods had launched 7 new variants of Mayonnaise
  • The brand was looking for a suitable platform to make this grand announcement
  • The objective was to create a desire for these multiple flavours and establish a strong association with FunFoods as a brand

Helios Strategy

  • Mayo’s use in Dips, Spreads & Dressings is common place knowledge
  • So reiterating Mayo’s use as dips would have a reminder impact – but it may not be striking enough
  • Availability of Mayo in different flavours would excite the audience – but only to an extent
  • At Helios Brand Chef we believed that a game changing strategy was needed to make an impact
  • Mayonnaise needed to be REIMAGINED!
  • Consumers need to see Mayonnaise in a new light to be able to take note of the brand!
  • Even if they continue using Mayo as dips, Mayonnaise as a product, FunFoods as a brand would get elevated

Helios Offering

  • Our chef panel jammed to craft various creative and innovative ways of indulging in Mayo
  • Of using Mayo as a primary ingredient in recipes. Looking beyond dips, spreads, dressings
  • We associated with Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar, to showcase fresh, new recipes using FunFoods range of Mayo. In fact, we devised ways of using Mayo in Indian recipes (despite its non-Indian perception)
  • The show was visualized to inject the values of
    • Variety
    • Creativity
    • Fun
    • Innovation / Inventiveness
  • The intention being – rubbing off these values onto the brand FunFoods

Show Idea

Fun Foods Magic Recipes

  • We created 30 videos for FunFoods digital platform and additional 30 recipe for their recipe book
  • The videos were aired on popular food & lifestyle channel – Living Foodz
  • Total: 30 vignettes
  • Duration: 3-4min