Haldirams – Hungry for Haldirams

Brand Objective

  • The ready to eat snack industry is strongly functional in India
  • Whatever be the scale of the brand, it has some or the other audience who is loyal to them
  • Haldirams is a well-known brand when it comes to snacks, sweets and now savouries
  • Its prominent in every household and enjoys a well-established image of a homely brand
  • Haldirams wanted to cater to a more modern and young audience and enter a more premium space
  • Helios Brand Chef got in action and designed a plan that will make Haldirams a more premium brand

Helios Strategy

  • A consumer research found out that Haldirams was well appreciated in the market when it comes to taste
  • Though competitors are offering similar flavours at a comparatively lower price
  • There was a possible switch in the brand preferences
  • We decided to present Haldirams as a premium and upward brand and how there are many different way to consume the products
  • We collaborated with celebrity Chef Kunal Kapoor who is:
    • Well-read and well-travelled
    • Young, energetic and elite
    • Enjoys a heavy social media following
  • To make Haldirams digital assets strong and interesting, we created hand vignettes with Awesome Sauce

Helios Offering

  • We wanted to depict that Haldirams as a brand goes all out with its flavours and innovation experience
  • We associated with Chef Kunal Kapoor, a popular Indian Chef (With known international travel experience)
  • Chef Kunal Kapoor gave a twist to the ready to eat snack industry by turning them into an ingredient and create Indian and International recipes out of them
  • Alongside, to have ensure and enhance their digital presence, we created hand vignettes on Awesome Sauce, a well followed YouTube channel by Culture Machine, that specializes in the Food domain

Show Idea

Haldirams – Hungry for Haldirams

  • 20 recipe vignettes by Chef Kunal Kapoor | 30 hand vignettes
  • Hosted by Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapoor
  • Chef Kunal Kapoor creates interesting recipes with Haldirams products which is a never seen before concept
  • Each episode showcased a unique recipe made using a different Haldiram product every time
  • Every Episode brought alive a new product as well as the possible and unseen innovation with that product