Marico – Saffola Fit Foodie

Brand Objective

  • Marico’s “Saffola” brand has been operating on the health plank
  • With the launch of Saffola Oats, they tried to go deeper into the Indian kitchen
  • However - the loopholes were
    • The bland taste was not perceived as palatable
    • Low adaptability as an ingredient in the Indian cuisine
  • Despite making significant changes to the product formulation – the taste and adaptability association remained
  • Saffola was looking for a marketing communication solution to tackle this issue and thus approached Helios Brand Chef

Helios Strategy

  • A research with the consumers revealed that the Poor Taste Association with Oats could not be countered by merely contradicting it
  • Also, Oats as an ingredient did not really enjoy love when it comes to consumption patterns
  • The association needed to be replaced by another, stronger, tastier association and revamp the image “oats” hold in the consumer’s mind
  • We needed to bring out the versatility of Oats as an ingredient and transform the taste angle
  • We felt that a campaign alone, would not be sufficient to drive this thought ahead
  • The consumers needed a strong ‘Show and Tell’ approach
  • Our Chef Panel came to the rescue. Yet again
  • They designed recipes that were tailor-made for the Indian taste and recipe options

Helios Offering

  • We associated with celebrity chef Vikas Khanna and chef Kunal Kapur
    • Popular TV Chefs
    • Enjoy a heavy social media following
    • Known to be health conscious people
  • Over 300+ recipes were designed by the Helios Panel in order to make customized ‘desi’ recipes with oats!
  • Recipes such as butter chicken, chicken vindaloo and even Punjabi kadhi pakoras were all infused with Saffola Masala Oats to add a healthy twist to daily cooking in the Indian home!
  • We also highlighted the Fit Foodie Meter – Where viewers could see the difference in the traditional dish versus the revamped Oats version
  • Along with the celebrity chefs, an association with a nutritionist and a well-known food blogger, the recipes ensured great taste and health

Helios Offering

  • We associated with celebrity chefs Vikas Khanna and Kunal Kapur
    • Enjoy a heavy social media following
    • Represent
  • Has penned down her thoughts and solutions in her book dedicated to mothers and children - Picky Eaters
  • We designed the show content to look and feel different from standard recipe shows
  • Fictionalized situations were used as the backdrop - where we brought out daily issues faced by Moms when it comes to fussy children
  • As part of this story – the recipe (using Hershey’s) was communicated
  • On-Ground: Hershey’s Masterclass & Facebook Live with food bloggers and mommy bloggers on tips, tricks and recipes to get fussy kids to eat their meals