Brand Objective

  • Hershey’s as a brand enjoys a premium equity in the Indian market
  • However – Hershey’s Syrups was facing an issue of low volume sales
  • While consumers were using the product as a topping on desserts – this was limited in occasion and hence not helping the volume movement
  • Hersheys approached Helios Brand Chef with a motive to convert visibility into numbers by increased sales and a daily consumption pattern

Helios Strategy

  • Hersheys Syrup’s association was restricted to dessert toppings, which are occasion specific
  • We believed that the brand + product would have to reimagine its relevance
  • It would need to peg itself as a solution for something that has a higher significance and frequency in the life of the consumer
  • One such situation was – School tiffin / Morning breakfast
  • Children are usually fussy eaters, barely finish their school tiffin or their breakfast They are on the constant lookout for something new and interesting to eat
  • Mothers on the other hand, face a constant challenge of ensuring their child gets adequate nutrition and eats all his meals
  • Our Chef Panel came to the rescue and invented a series of breakfast / tiffin recipes that used Hershey’s Syrup as a primary ingredient / garnish and showed ways to incorporate Hersheys Syrup in their daily diet

Helios Offering

  • We associated with celebrity chef Rakhee Vaswani
    • Enjoys a heavy social media following
    • Represents the pain point of the mothers
  • Has penned down her thoughts and solutions in her book dedicated to mothers and children - Picky Eaters
  • We designed the show content to look and feel different from standard recipe shows
  • Fictionalized situations were used as the backdrop - where we brought out daily issues faced by Moms when it comes to fussy children
  • As part of this story – the recipe (using Hershey’s) was communicated
  • On-Ground: Hershey’s Masterclass & Facebook Live with food bloggers and mommy bloggers on tips, tricks and recipes to get fussy kids to eat their meals