Parag Milk Foods – GO Cheese

Brand Objective

  • Parag Milk Foods was primarily known for its flagship brand – Gowardhan
  • Go Cheese – was a sub brand - looking to target SEC A, Young, Urban Mothers
  • The client was looking for a solution to get inroads into the Indian Kitchen (In home consumption)
  • They approached Helios Brand Chef for its trademark - blue sky innovative thinking

Helios Strategy

  • We realized that Go Cheese was gunning after a more modern and upmarket TG
  • This TG appreciated the values of fun, youth, liveliness, energy
  • Gowardhan’s core equity is not matched with these values
  • But GO Cheese can be the sub brand that can take on this personality
  • And to take on this persona (completely different from its mother brand) Go Cheese needed to go beyond passive advertising
  • Go Cheese needed to create engagement, conversations with the TG for them to accept a sub brand of Gowardhan as modern, upmarket and more youth friendly

Helios Offering

  • We designed the entire activity to include conversation starters and to introduce Go Cheese as a young and peppy brand while maintaining amazing taste and premium quality
  • The intent was to bring Go Cheese LIVE in front of potential audience in various ways
  • Also, get potential influencers to talk about the brand which ensures more visibility and consumption
  • Therefore the activity was planned around
    • Popular bloggers
    • Live Tasting Events
  • We associated with Chef Ranveer Brar, who embodies all the qualities of the intended brand i.e. young, energetic and modern

Show Idea

  • Multipronged brand activities that trigger engagement, conversations
    • On-Ground:Multi-city Cheese Tasting events with bloggers hosted by Chef Ranveer Brar
    • Social Media:Setting up the fan base for Go Cheese on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to communicate & engage with the relevant audience with relevant and trendy content
    • On Air: 50 recipe videos by Chef Ranveer Brar, Integrations on popular shows on Living Foodz namely Ranveer’s Café and The Global Menu
    • In Print:Advertorials in Femina
  • This carpet bombing approach happened over a period a year – creating the much loved buzz for the Go Cheese brand