Emirates – World in my kitchen

Brand Objective

  • Almost all the airlines offer the same services, price range, etc. which makes it very mundane
  • Emirates as a brand rides on its exclusive, exquisite flying experience
  • They were seeking to distance themselves from the other commodity brands
  • Reiterate and Highlight the ‘WOW’ factor of the Emirates Experience
  • They approached Helios Brand Chef to help promote the Exclusivity of the Emirates Experience

Helios Strategy

  • A consumer research dipstick helped us to identify what separates Emirates from others!
  • We found the answer in its Luxurious& Customized In-Flight Cuisine
  • The cuisine of Emirates is well talked about in the right social circuits
  • Our strategy was to bring alive this ‘exclusive affair’ for the consumer
  • We thought of using FOOD as THE MEDIUM of communicating this brand message!
  • To create a halo around the Emirates culinary experience so that
    • It rubs off positively on the brand imagery
    • And seeds the desire to travel Emirates
    • While making Emirates the first of its kind brand to drive solely on the food factor

Helios Offering

  • We wanted to depict that Emirates as a brand goes all out with its in-flight dining experience
  • The cuisine is matched to the destination and is a highly exclusive affair!
  • We associated with Popular Indian Chefs (With known international travel experience)
  • These chefs created an aura of the Emirates In-Flight Dining Experience by
    • Showcasing a single destination and its popular cuisine
    • Bringing alive the experience with trivia, montages and food culture of destination
    • All along subliminally sending the message of Emirates’ unique offering
  • To make it more Emirates specific and to give it an Emirates touch, one of the episodes showcased the Emirates Chef creating his magic with food on air!

Show Idea

  • 8 Half Hour episodes | Broadcasted on Living Foodz
  • Hosted by Celebrity ChefRanveerBrar& ChefShipra Khanna
  • The show is hosted in front of live restaurant audience
  • Each episode showcased international recipe, trivia, and food culture of different destinations
  • Emirates Chef - Ravi Nage - also creates his signature recipes
  • Every Episode brought alive a new international destination as well as the Emirates Experience